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Ways of Removing Unwanted Facial Hair


For a lot of people especially men, facial hair is a common thing. For the women, however, it might not be a very great idea. Some women will develop some facial hair at some point in their lives. Getting it can bring a lot of responses and for that reason, this article will focus on its removal.


Several Major Beard methods are there which can aid you in the removal of facial hair. On one side, it is the group which is composed of those that cut it. In this category, shaving is one of them even though not the only one. These methods focus on removing the hair above the skin. Other methods focus on removing it below the skin. In case you wish to have a beardless face which is silky smooth, you can try some of the following methods.



This is not a permanent method of facial hair removal, and for women, it is not recommended. Following the cutting, new growth usually occurs fast above the skin, and that means that it is still in the growth stage.


You can opt to apply a depilatory cream, lotion or gels

These have chemicals that change the structure of the hair to facilitate simpler removal. Nevertheless, you need to know that the chemical can irritate the skin and therefore, you need just to use a single product which is formulated especially for the face. You need to be sure to do a skin test in an area of the face before utilizing the product. Also, make sure that you stick to the instructions to deter any irritations or worse still, chemical burns. To have an idea on how to get rid of facial hair, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trimmer.



This is a great way although painful in a way. It removes hair from places where it is not wanted. As the hair is uprooted, it usually takes more time for the regeneration to happen. For a majority of the women, this is sufficient as their facial hair grows only to in limited amounts.



This can be done after 4-6 weeks. You have two option; the cold or the hot wax where you do not want the hair to grow. It is spread over the hair which is held by it to allow the wax removal from the skin; the hair goes with it. You can test a small region before using it.


Laser treatment

This ought to be done by Major Beard professionals who are licensed. You need to know that it can take a lot of time and also, it can be expensive.